Associates Meeting - Sisters of St. Margaret

On May 22nd, the Sisters of St. Margaret held an event at the convent for those interested in learning more about Associates of the Society of St. Margaret.  These events are always full of great questions and engaging discussions. Associates play an important role in our community and we look forward to welcoming new associates.

As a community, the Sisters of St. Margaret are richly blessed by having over 300 Associates connected to the American House of the Society. This includes Associates in Haiti. Other SSM Associates are connected with the convents in the United Kingdom and include Associates in Sri Lanka.

An Associate lives by a Rule of Life which is formulated with the Director of Associates as part of the process of becoming an Associate. Such a Rule fits the circumstances of her or his life.

An Associate is a witness in the world to the value of living an intentional, prayerful life in the world. Associates are also ambassadors of the Society of St. Margaret, for Associates belong to faith communities where the Religious Life may be unknown or not very well understood. They can make people aware that there are Sisters (and monks and friars) in the Episcopal Church.

We will be scheduling more prospective Associate events soon and if you or someone you know is interested, please contact Sister Carolyn at:  781 934 9477 x 702 or by email, or by snail mail. You can also visit the Associates page here on our website for further details. Please don’t wait for our next event.  If you feel you are being called to connect with us as an Associate then please reach out to Sr. Carolyn whenever it suits you, to get started.