Make A Donation

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The life and ministry of the Society of St. Margaret are, and always have been, dependent upon the support of people who share their time, talents and treasure with us. We invite you to be part of our extended community by supporting our work. Gifts of cash, either by check or on-line, are most appreciated and can be used immediately.

Consider making a gift…

  • As a Christmas Gift
  • As a part of a Tithe
  • To honor a Birthday
  • To honor an Anniversary
  • In honor of one of the Sisters
  • As a Memorial Gift
  • To honor a Graduate or Teacher

Other ways of making a financial donation..

In addition to cash donations, you can make a gift to the Society of St. Margaret of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. We advise you to check with your financial advisers to learn about the possible tax implications. Life insurance policies, bequests, and retirement assets are other ways that you can support our work. Please call and talk to us about naming the Society of St. Margaret as a beneficiary for one of these accounts.

To reach the Society of St. Margaret, please use the address below.

St. Margaret’s Convent
50 Harden Hill Rd.
P.O. Box C
Duxbury, MA 02331-0605

If you have any other questions, please call and speak with our Administrator at: 781-934-9477 ext. 501

Make a Gift or Make a Donation