New York City

Sr. Ann with umbrella Sisters in NYC at Trinity Wall Street sP on Palm Sunday in NYC

About our Sisters of St.Margaret in New York City

The Sisters living at Neale House in Manhattan are there at the invitation of Trinity Church, Wall Street, and they participate in a variety of ministries at Trinity Church and throughout the city.

Sr. Promise is part of the pastoral care team at Trinity which includes visiting people, listening to them and praying with them, if they request it. She also continues her ministry in the sacristy at St. Paul’s Chapel and has been on a number of mission trips with groups from Trinity.

Sr.  Ann continues to be a part of the pastoral care team, the healing ministry and the Brown Bag Lunch program.

Sr. Gloria is a constant presence at the Welcome Desk at Trinity and does many home visits and phone visits with parishioners.

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Sisters of St. Margaret
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Office at Trinity Church Wall Street: 212-602-0800 x771