Today we have a J2A (Journey to adulthood) youth group arriving at the Convent from NY. They’ll stay with us for two and a half days while they tour the area, visit and worship at local parishes and participate in a poverty/hunger simulation. Sr. Sarah participated in a ministry internship for seminarians back in 2008 with one of the chaperones from the group and is looking forward to connecting with them again. She’ll take some time to speak with the youth about her religious life and her journey to become a Sister, and the group will join us for Evening Prayer. The Convent will be the group’s home base while they’re in the area and we’re happy to provide hospitality for these youth as they seek spiritual learning on their pilgrimage.

Hospitality is a significant part of our mission here at St. Margaret’s Convent in Duxbury. If your group is interested in learning more about our accommodations and programs, we encourage you to visit our Stay With Us page. From there you can view our guest houses and learn more about our group and private retreats. St. Margaret’s Convent is located in the beautiful coastal town of Duxbury, about 38 miles south of Boston. Our grounds are tranquil and scenic, providing the ideal atmosphere for spiritual refreshment.