A World Of Mercy Justice & Peace


At noon office today, the Sisters of St. Margaret prayed for Sister Margaret Held from the School Sisters of St. Francis, and Sister Paula Merrill from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth who were both murdered yesterday in MS. We’re saddened to hear of the tragic deaths of these Sisters who were performing necessary and vital work, serving the least of these in the community that they lived in, and showing a wonderful example of what religious sisters do to make a difference in the world. The call to do mission work in areas such as the one they were in, is a calling that carries risk, but those engaged in that work feel a call from God asking them to take risks in his name. The work of being Christ’s hands and hearts in the world is never easy, and we offer prayers of Thanksgiving and for continued safety for all of those engaged in Mission work in the troubled parts of our world.

Today as always, we as sisters work toward a world of mercy, justice, and peace.

In God’s Service,
The Sisters of St. Margaret